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Prime Exposure – 20L Prime Retarder


Prime Exposure Retarder is a water soluble retardant used to expose the aggregate in horizontal/vertical concrete surfaces.

The easy to see fluorescent green colour ensures even coverage, reducing missed or non-covered areas.
The viscosity of Prime Exposure Retarder has been developed to enable it to be applied to flat and horizontal/vertical surfaces without excessive run off or creating over exposed valley.
Prime Exposure Retarder reduced wash off times due to its superior performance in warmer/windy conditions, compared to other retardants on the market.
When applied correctly, Prime Exposure Retarder will save time and labour and deliver sensational results every time.
Coverage:  Approximately 80-100m2 per 20 Litre Drum.
Prime Exposure


Prime Exposure Retarder should be applied to the surface undiluted at the rate of 0.2-0.3 litres per square meter.

Apply an even coat as soon as you have troweled out any tool lines and the bleed water has dried.

Ensure there is still surface moisture so the surface pits when the retarder is applied.

  • Do not trowel Prime Exposure Retarder onto the surface. Prime Exposure recommend using a spray unit with enough capacity to cover the whole area in one application.
  • Prime Exposure recommend in warm/windy conditions to cover the job with builders’ film (polythene)or spray with Prime Exposure Evaploc. Please refer to Prime Exposure Evaploc Technical Sheet on Prime Exposure’s web site for the dilution rate/ instructions.
  • Apply the polythene or Prime Exposure Evaploc when you can no longer see the fluorescent green colour of the Retarder and the Retarder has set (this will at least halve your wash off time).
  • Wash off times vary due to weather conditions, anything over 23ºC or in excessively windy conditions you can wash off four hours after applying the Retarder.
  • Same day wash off requires a high level of experience and can result in under and over exposure of the surface.
  • For best results we recommend to cover and wash off the following day. When washing off the following day the likelihood of over or under exposure is greatly reduced.
Weight 10 kg