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Lanotec Citra-Force Cleaner & Degreaser 10L Bottle


BONUS 1.5LT SPRAYER — please note: spray bottle empty


  • Automotive and industrial applicator for Lanotec liquid lanolin products
  • Chemical applicator for the garden
  • Chemical pest sprayer
  • Spray under and around objects using the adjustable brass nozzle
  • Stream through to mist

Lanotec General Purpose Liquid Lanolin 10L Bottle

Lanotec’s advanced formula is capable of penetrating and loosening rust, preventing corrosion, as well as cleaning and rejuvenating surfaces.

  • Coating can protect electrical equipment and components within
  • Applicable to rusty hinges and chains. Multi purpose lubricant protects hinges, zippers, padlocks etc.
  • Safe to use and extends the life of leather, wood, vinyl, timber, plastic, rubber, fibreglass and powder-coated surfaces

Also used to prevent oxidisation for containerised shipping.

Lanotec’s range are made using organic products. Their goal is to reduce the use of petrochemicals in the industry.

Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Resistant to Wash Off, Non-evaporative, Acid and Salt Resistant, Hermetically Seals Surfaces, Non-conductive to 70kV

Ideal for the following Industries: Agriculture, Around the house, Construction, Defence, Electrical, Forklifts, Industrial, Leisure, Marine, Transport & Automotive

Available in an array of sizes: 400g, 750mL spray bottle, 5 Litres, 10 Litres and 20 Litres

Weight 10 kg


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