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Alemlube – 20V Lithium-ion cordless grease gun / / Part No. 630A


The new 630A 20V Lithium-ion cordless grease gun from Alemlube is an innovative grease gun with built in intelligence and 2 x powerful 2.0Ah batteries.

Designed and engineered by Samoa in Spain, the 630A 20V Lithium-ion cordless grease gun is capable of developing a maximum operating pressure of 10,000psi (700 bar) limited to 7,250psi (500bar) with a safety valve facilitating fast, efficient greasing and offers high flow rates of up to
160g/min or low flow rate of up to 100g/min.

A must for any busy maintenance facility, the 630A can dispense up to 16 x 450g cartridges per charge or up to 32 x 450g cartridges on the optional 4.0Ah battery.

Two Lithium-ion 2.0Ah batteries are supplied as standard with fast recharging possible in as little as 70 minutes, so you’ll never be without greasing power to complete your ongoing work.

Lightweight and ergonomic at just 3kg with the 2.0Ah battery, the 630A 20V Lithium-ion cordless grease gun is supplied complete with a 1,100mm long grease hose with steel spring protection, a heavy duty coupler and has the versatility of three way loading, 450g cartridge, bulk grease or filler pump.

Protected in a durable plastic moulded carry case, the 630A 20V Lithium cordless grease gun provides you with an intelligent and trouble-free high pressure, high volume greasing solution.

An LCD shows real time dual flow rates with high or low flow operation mode, grease delivered, grease barrel level, function reset button, battery charge level and a low / high flow rate selection all with the press of a button to assist the user in always being prepared to have a fully operational grease gun at hand to be active on the job.

Another feature of the 630A is the LCD turns red indicating a blocked lube point or another issue.


Features & Specifications:

  • Adjustable delivery rates of 100g/min or 160g/min
  • Maximum working pressure of up to 10,000psi/700bar limited to 7,250psi for operator safety
  • Able to dispense up to 16 cartridges before battery recharge is required (free flow)
  • Backlit display provides real time battery level, grease level & grease dispensed feedback and information
  • The display turning red indicates a blocked lube point or another issue
  • Battery recharge time of as little as 70 minutes
  • Rubber supports enable free standing ground functionality
  • Optional 4.0Ah battery capable of dispensing up to 32 cartridges also available (free flow)
  • Supplied inclusive of 2 x 2.0Ah batteries, battery charger, 1.1m long flex with protective steel spring, built in grease coupler holster and built in LED light
  • Rugged corrosion resistant plastic moulded carry case provides protection for your valuable maintenance tool in challenging working environments

Weight 6 kg


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